Eugene Kaspersky at Swiss Cyber Security Days

Eugene Kaspersky exclusively at the Swiss Cyber Security Days 2019

17 January, 2019

Eugene Kaspersky, the world-renowned Russian cyber security expert and CEO of Kaspersky Lab, will present an exclusive keynote at the Swiss Cyber Security Days 2019 (SCSD) end of February in Freiburg. The globally successful cyber security entrepreneur will present the current cyber threat situation and explain the necessary step from cyber security to cyber immunity. He will be supported by Anton Shingarev, Vice President of Public Affairs, Kaspersky Lab.

Eugen Kaspersky is co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Kaspersky Lab, the world’s largest privately-held vendor of endpoint protection and cybersecurity solutions. He began his career accidentally when his computer became infected with the “Cascade” virus in 1989. His education in cryptography helped him analyze the encrypted virus, understand its behavior, and then develop a removal tool for it. Today Kaspersky Lab is one of the fastest growing IT security vendors worldwide, operating in almost 200 countries and territories.

Kaspersky in Zurich
This November, the Kaspersky “Transparency Center” has opened in Zurich. There, the Russian security vendor processes suspicious and malicious files in two data centers. According to the company, Kaspersky has chosen Switzerland as its location because of its strict data protection regulations and political neutrality. Kaspersky Lab employs more than 3,800 professionals and IT security specialists in 35 dedicated regional offices across 31 countries, and its cybersecurity technologies protect over 400 million users worldwide. The company also cooperates closely with INTERPOL, Europol and national police forces to actively support them in their fight against cybercrime.

The Swiss Cyber Security Days (SCSD) are dedicated to the growing threat posed by cyber attacks. On February 27th and 28th the SCSD takes place at the Forum Fribourg with exhibitions and around 50 other well-known national and international presentations from politics, business, and research. Peter Fischer, Delegate for Federal IT Management, will outline Switzerland’s strategy and resources in the face of cyber risks. Gérald Vernez, DDPS Delegate for Cyber Defence, will present the Cyber Defence Action Plan and Colonel EMG Robert Flück will introduce the newly created military training as a cyber specialist.

Among the internationally renowned top speakers from industry and research on the subject of cyber security at the SCSD is the South American and smart city cybersecurity pioneer Cesar Cerrudo, the Finn Mikko Hyppönen, a renowned researcher in the field of cybercrime, the Danish darkweb expert Hans Ulrik Staer, the two Americans Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek as well as the South American Claudio Caracciolo, all three specialists for car hacking and car security. The Korean Moonbeom Park and Fabien Spychiger show how states “rob” banks to obtain foreign exchange online. Nicolas Mayencourt and Marc K. Peter of Dreamlab Technologies, the Swiss hacking specialists & security pioneers, will present for the first time the attack surface and related cyber risks of Switzerland.

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