We define solutions as a result of technology, combinatorial diversity and the individual requirements of a project.

Our solutions

We define solutions as a result of technology, combinatorial diversity and the individual requirements of a project. This is why we work with a comprehensive portfolio that is complementary aligned to a large extent. Therefore, many of our products, in addition to their direct function, can be combined to customers focused solutions. By means of our service and consulting expertise, these can be implemented to an individual project.

Solutions are not the opposite of problems, they are a way which leads past problems all the way to absolute customer satisfaction.


The core discipline of each data center is the permanent storage of data, whether as DAS, NAS or SAN solution. For block, file or Object Storage We have a focused product portfolio that covers memory requirements of flash memory up to Object Storage.

Back up & Restore

Backups are not only made as a protection against danger, also legal aspects increasingly play a central role here. A trade-off between RTO and RPO requirements is as important as the proper method of Full Backup, to choose from CINC to DINC.

Business Continuity

Business Continuity deals with the guarantee to maintain business activities upright. This requires a suitable archiving strategy, Availability Management as well as a solid recovery-plan which all have to work seamlessly with the backup.

Physical infrastructure

Through a logical IT architecture data centers can significantly differ from others. This includes an understanding of the work in a data center, the right tools in the areas of rack, cabeling, infrastructure security and centralized management of these components.


Nowadays, the management of IT landscapes can be done in a high level of integration. Thereby,  components of the data center can be shown as an overall process and  will no longer be considered independently. As a result, the foundation for the automation of the datacenter is laid.

Converged Infrastructure

Converged infrastructures have the aim of inducing a pronounced improvement of the administrative and financial effort of the data center. Its portfolio ranges from about hyper-converged reference architectures to fully ("True") Converged Infrastructure.

Big Data & Data Analytics

The collection and analysis of data from multiple data sources is becoming increasingly important for many companies. Examples include the knowledge about behavioral patterns to improve customer satisfaction or the analysis of data patterns to secure the IT systems.

Software Defined X

For Software Defined X the point is the virtualization of IT disciplines such as storage, network or server, which are then made available as a service. Thereby, the control of the components is automated. The more parts of a data center are software defined, the more it is possible to have a central management.


The term "Connectivity" refers to the manner (eg, copper, glass, air, physically, logically) of a compound or rather its density between the IT-relevant units that involves the appropriate active components, such as Ethernet / SAN switches, routers and Access Points.