Even more power in the DataStore Solution Center

The range of possibilities that our Solution Center offers is being expanded to include two PowerStore storage systems with metro nodes from Dell.

Through our Solution Center, we offer manufacturers, partners and their end customers the chance to test out business-critical IT solutions in a secure, low-risk environment and to get to know the storage systems.

Now with Dell EMC PowerStore metro node

The Dell EMC PowerStore product family was developed to meet SMEs’ primary storage requirements. It uses a container-based architecture, advanced storage technologies and intelligent automation. Thanks to its data-centric architecture, the PowerStore offers an uncompromising approach for data services, with benefits including leading data reduction without losses in performance.

The PowerStore metro node facilitates true active-active metro functions without making any sacrifices in performance. Using true, synchronous active-active replication over metro distances with multi-site access, companies can rest assured that their data is always available and accessible and that no time is needed for recovery processes. The metro node offers greater flexibility through support for multiple platforms, workload granularity and replication to any array. There is no performance overhead, no duplicate capacity on the array and no additional software is required on the host. VM witness technology enables an immediate site failover to be initiated. The metro node supports local configurations for continuous application availability and data mobility for uninterrupted workload migration. In addition, it allows the storage technology to be updated without any application downtime.

The PowerStore is available to manufacturers, partners and end customers in our Solution Center for proof of concept (PoC) assessments, demos, tests and training. So you can make sure that any customer issues are clarified in detail in the run-up to a project. On request, we will help you to clarify things and support you on your journey to implementing a successful project.

Any more questions? Or, if you would like to show your customer the PowerStore, get in touch with:

Patrick Sommerhalder
Senior Sales Consultant
E-Mail: info@datastore.ch

The advantages of the PowerStore

  • AppsON function: Innovative AppsON function for direct execution of virtualized workloads on the array so that they are portable, agile and fast.
  • Uncompromising efficiency: Constantly available inline data reduction with an average data reduction rate of 4:1.
  • Performance-optimized: End-to-End NVMe design up to seven times faster than previous arrays with response times up to three times better.
  • Any kind of workload: One single architecture for physical, virtual and container-based applications and databases; designed for especially high availability.

The advantages of PowerStore with metro nodes

  • Zero RPO and RTO: The metro node is an active-active solution, meaning that it actively reflects data across a metro distance. The metro node offers a Recovery Point Objective (RPO) of zero, preventing any kind of data loss, while the Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is equal to zero, meaning that recovery time is zero or immediate.
  • Automatic site failover: The virtual witness machine enables prevention of on-site system failure.