“One valued within a team will bring his best to achieve goals”

Meet DataStore Bertrand Toussaint

DataStore interview with Bertrand Toussaint

Bertrand Toussaint joined DataStore in Gland in September 2021 as Business Development Manager for Dell Technologies. In the interview, he will explain what strengths and solutions he has and how he relaxes after work.

Why and how did you end up in the IT industry and ultimately at DataStore?

Back in 2006, I wanted to open a ski/snowboard shop in the East part of France. 2 months before opening the shop, the project collapsed for some reasons. It was a great disappointment. A friend of mine was working at DELL and told me they were hiring some sales profiles. Then I decided to leave my hometown, Metz, in the east part of France and move to Switzerland. I started at DELL as an Internal Sales Rep in 2008. 1,5 years later, after my daughter was born, we moved back to France, in Alsace for family reasons where I had various sales positions but nothing, I was happy with. Then I decided to come back where I left and started working at DELL again during the week, taking the road every weekend. At that time, I really wanted to work for the channel. Then I held several internal positions ending up as a Datacenter Sales Executive. I decided to leave DELL to have a glimpse of what working for a partner could be and moved to SPIE as a KAM. Finally, I heard about the opened BDM position at DataStore. Having a good understanding of DELL ecosystem and a good view of a partner’s challenges, I thought I had the good skills to integrate a distributor and bring value within the team I already knew from my DELL experience.

What do you like most about working at DataStore?

Thanks to my previous positions detailed above, I enjoy being in the middle of both vendors and partners. I like acting as a business facilitator, helping my partners/customers succeed in their own business. Along the years I experienced, the difficulties projects can bring, and I leverage my IT knowledge to make our partner’s life easier especially with DELL’s ecosystem.

At DataStore, we are committed to bring value to our partners. We know how to be agile, flexible and provide solutions. I like the possibility we are given to be creative and autonomous and at the same time, working as one team. In Gland, there is a great team spirit atmosphere, and we really enjoy working altogether.

I can really feel every individual is valued with their strength and can contribute to the success of the company.

What five characteristics would your colleagues use to describe you?

I think commitment would be one. When I believe in something, I never give up and will do anything I can to achieve the goals. In line with the first one, I consider myself as obstinate. This can be a drawback sometimes, but I try to turn it into something positive, serving our business. I hope my colleagues know I will always act as a team player, being supportive and help them in any way I can. At the same time, I am self-confident and do not hesitate to take responsibilities. I act as an individual player trying to bring his strengths to serve the team. Finally, I consider myself as adaptive, able to be serious when needed and crazy/funny when pressure lowers.

What IT product best describes you as a person?

VxRail would be the product that describes me the best. Agile, adaptative, flexible, able to handle many things at the same time. It’s cloud orientated and aims at freeing up time to our customers. I think, even if there are some things still to improve, this product is disruptive and provides solutions from a business perspective. In its essence, this product is designed for partners/customer to save time for tasks that really matter. I do my best to bring the same value to my customers.

How do you relax and enjoy yourself outside work?

I am a multi-activities guy. Currently I am learning how to fly planes and hope I will get the pilot license before summer. At the same time, I do a lot of different sports such as Rugby, Ski/Snowboard, trail running, biking, tennis, hiking… never rest. Then at home, I take care of my wife, daughter, shiba dog, play music and try to find time to do some home staging and wood working. I find building wood things very relaxing and satisfying.

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Bertrand Toussaint
Business Development Manager
E-Mail: bertrand.toussaint@datastore.ch