“I appreciate tailor-made solutions which reduce cyber risks and make IT more efficient”

DataStore Interview with Olivier Luxereau

The DataStore interview with Olivier Luxereau

Olivier Luxereau has been Senior Business Development Manager for the cybersecurity department at DataStore since February 2022. He appreciates the dynamism and commitment of the teams within the company. The DataStore security portfolio allows him to offer his customers innovative and customized security solutions.

Why and how did you end up in the IT industry and ultimately at DataStore?

I’ll soon have been working in the IT and security industry for forty years. I served as a cryptographic instructor in the French military, and since then, I have worked as an architect, program manager and consultant for the implementation of information security management systems. I started my career working for a small IT service company called Sligos, which became the Atos Group. At the end of the 1990s, I discovered the ISO/IEC security standards, which were similar to today’s ISO 27001 series. I translated these into French and taught them in 2002. This gave me the opportunity to provide information security courses for large companies and organizations, particularly in the French-speaking Swiss cantons. Since then, I have held various positions in consulting and CISO as a Service. I switched to DataStore in February 2022.

What do you like most about working at DataStore?

The “People, Process, Technology” approach is essential for cybersecurity. Having spent the majority of my career focusing on the first two, I wanted to move to a company which provided innovative and operational security solutions. With our next-generation DataStore security portfolio, I can offer our business partners a genuine value proposition for the digital transformation of their end customers. Our services and solutions fulfill their needs and expectations with regard to reducing cyber risks and improving the efficiency of IT.

Which IT product best describes you as a person?

I’d prefer to talk about solutions, rather than products. The solutions that interest me are the ones which are based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. These are solutions which are currently needed to simplify and automate boring everyday tasks and free up time for other jobs. For example, our security portfolio includes Vectra, which detects deviant behavior in networks. Or SailPoint for identity and access management, which is the cornerstone of modern security.

I see myself as an intermediary who is on the lookout for pragmatic agility – so that our partners can provide effective and pragmatic services and solutions that compensate for lack of resources and capabilities, and/or alleviate the “security fatigue” of their existing teams, which is associated with far too many security incidents.

Hand on heart, what other important things should we know about you?

I am very satisfied with my professional career. I am also very proud of the success of my three children, and am delighted to have three wonderful grandchildren. My personal and professional goal is to impart knowledge to young people which will inspire them just as much as it has inspired me over the years.

How do you relax and enjoy yourself in your leisure time?

I like to relax with music. I have a collection of vinyl and CDs, and also several terabytes of music in extremely high quality. I also paddle on Lake Geneva, go for many walks and hikes in the mountains in summer and winter (with snowshoes), and make regular trips to the US, where my daughter has lived for ten years.

Any questions? You can contact Olivier here:

Olivier Luxereau
Senior Business Development Manager
E-Mail: olivier.luxereau@datastore.ch