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Interview mit Daniel Stadelmann

DataStore interview with Daniel Stadelmann

Daniel Stadelmann joined DataStore in 2020 as Strategic Account Manager for Dell Technologies. Here he can optimally use his Dell know-how. Business partners and DataStore benefit from his experience in working with Dell. What other strengths and solutions he has and how he relaxes after work, he reveals in the interview.

Why and how did you end up in the IT industry and ultimately at DataStore?

I started out at Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) at the beginning of the 1990s. After a year and a half, I switched to the Sales department and as a Sales Support employee, I was responsible for handling all issues and technical clarifications for 50 of DEC’s business partners. I’ve built up a range of different experiences during my professional career, including in roles working for a distributor and for a business partner of DEC/Compaq. I set up an IBM storage department for them and developed it into a buyout, which in turn gave me the chance to actively get involved and gain experience as a manager and as an owner. I was also in charge of the successful sale of the company and the subsequent integration and acquisition of customers into the new company.

What arguments convinced you to switch to DataStore?

Dell is a manufacturer with an interesting, broad portfolio and is a long-running key partner of DataStore. That was the perfect starting point for me, as I was able to put my previous experiences to use here while still learning something new in a new environment. Just recently, we received the “Dell Distributor of the Year” award. We work with Dell to offer our customers and partners comprehensive solutions that cover their business needs as best as possible. A Dell EMC PowerStore unit for PoCs will also soon be available in our Solution Center. On request, we will accompany the PoC and help ensure that the desired results are achieved.

What five characteristics would your colleagues use to describe you?

That’s really more of a question for my colleagues – I too would be interested to know what they would say. I think that I’m persistent when it comes to pursuing goals and don’t get put off by any uncertainties. I also believe it is important to provide information in a clear, comprehensive way, and everyone knows the reasons why I’m for or against something. I focus on my work and definitely have my stubborn moments. Once I’m interested in something, I just can’t let it go until I’m absolutely sure that I’ve achieved everything I set out to do. 

Being a team player, it’s important to me that everyone within the team is happy and that each person can play their part, regardless of how important this is, which is why I value controversial discussions and commitment to a common goal. After all, it’s not just the individual that counts in the end, but the team. Although I often make pointed statements, balance is important to me – nobody should feel excluded or pushed to the sidelines.

What IT product best describes you as a person?

Google Search would probably be the most appropriate one. If we didn’t have questions, challenges or problems, we probably wouldn’t work. I consider it one of my strengths to approach problems as challenges, and it’s fun to find solutions to them. 

Hand on heart, what other important things should we know about you?

I like intelligent, pitch-black humor that takes the challenges of our time to the extreme. It’s the only way to cope with the many tensions and conflicts these days without losing a sense of hope. I enjoy discussing and philosophizing about a range of different topics, with the goal always being to move forward and learn something.

How do you relax and enjoy yourself outside work?

Well, after work is technically also before work. When things are running smoothly, work itself can be relaxing. One thing I love is do is take photos while traveling, with the journey being the destination. In that respect, I’m fascinated by almost everything I come across, from old rock piles, monuments, museums and architecture to culture, local life and of course, food and drink. I know I should exercise more, but I prefer reading or doing something with my family or my daughter, who is constantly revealing more of her world to me, with anime, manga and cosplay.

Any questions? You can contact Daniel Stadelmann here:

Daniel Stadelmann
Strategic Account Manager
Email: daniel.stadelmann@datastore.ch