IT security: The number of cyber threats is increasing. Standalone solutions are no help.

Many companies are now facing the challenge of having to improve their cyber resilience. To reach the requisite level of protection, what’s needed is a cybersecurity stack that takes an integrated approach.

Author: Michael Ulrich, Senior Business Development Manager at DataStore AG in the Cybersecurity Special 2021 from IT-Markt.

The transition to remote working, which the coronavirus crisis has only accelerated, and the fact that infrastructures and applications are being migrated to the cloud have opened up new windows of opportunity for cybercriminals to attack. Accordingly, the number of attacks has soared and will remain high for the foreseeable future. Companies need to improve both their defenses and their resilience. After all, data, business processes, systems and network infrastructures are every company’s “crown jewels” and the focus of information security activities. It has become clear that comprehensive security now requires more than just a single solution. That can only be provided by a cybersecurity plan that uses the right solutions for a particular company. But how do you get to a comprehensive cybersecurity stack?

Step 1: Conducting an analysis and drawing up a security plan
Every company has its own requirements and its own starting situation. So it’s vital to define what exactly needs to be protected and what risks and threats exist. This definition then forms the foundation for a suitable security plan. It’s a good idea to get expert advice at this stage. Consultants provide a valuable outsider’s view.

Step 2: Choosing a portfolio
Which solutions are suitable for implementing the security plan? Which solutions best solve the company’s particular challenges? Choose innovative solutions by vendors who are cybersecurity specialists and who constantly upgrade their solutions to keep pace with current trends.

Step 3: Partnerships and reliable service providers
Companies that conduct the analysis and choose a portfolio without outside help are few and far between. Even fewer choose to go it alone when it comes to implementation. The right service providers are absolutely essential: resellers and integrators with the right skills, who also have to be matched and coordinated with one another. That means well-known, experienced security operations and SOC service providers, with whom a professional partnership based on trust is possible.

Missing link
The missing link between all three steps is a trusted advisor, who acts as the contact for companies, resellers and integrators, and who uses their own network and partnerships to bring the parties together in a cyber defense framework to create the best security solution possible. This calls for a qualified, reliable and experienced advisor who is intimately familiar with the solutions and service providers and can therefore nurture the ideal ecosystem for an IT security project. The end result of all of this is added value for everyone involved.

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