Netwrix offers comprehensive protection for your data with Stealthbits and New Net Technologies (NNT)

Stealthbits and New Net Technologies (NNT)

Protecting sensitive data is becoming increasingly important. With Stealthbits and New Net Technologies, Netwrix has an extensive portfolio that guarantees this protection.

Netwrix and Stealthbits provide solutions for data security and data protection to companies of all sizes.

Fragmented solutions on the data security market are preventing companies from developing comprehensive security strategies to protect their sensitive data. To meet this challenge, Netwrix and Stealthbits have joined forces to share knowledge and expertise, expand the product range and improve user-friendliness.

The expanded product range offers an extensive portfolio of security solutions aimed at identifying and detecting data security risks, as well as protecting against, responding to, and recovering from cybersecurity attacks. This means that every element of data and information security is covered.

With New Net Technologies (NNT) in its portfolio, Netwrix offers solutions for change, configuration, vulnerability, and asset management. The aim is to help companies around the world meet increasing requirements concerning data protection, security and governance.

NNT supports companies in the monitoring and management of change and configuration, which is crucial for protecting against data security threats. This expansion of the Netwrix product portfolio allows customers to continue to make improvements when it comes to identifying and safeguarding against cybersecurity threats.

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