Including cyber expertise in your range – or how to become a managed security service provider in a few quick clicks!

Systancia PAM

Cybercriminals often exploit the fact that external service providers can access internal network, PAM solutions help protect against these risks.

Systancia Cleanroom Session Service makes PAM available to all organizations, allowing MSPs to include cyber expertise in their range of services.

A growing cyber threat that requires MSPs to strengthen the security of their services

According to the cybersecurity barometer published by the Club of Experts in Information and Digital Security (CESIN), in 2020 80% of attacks reported by French companies involved tricking a user. Cybercriminals particularly exploit the fact that external service providers can access the internal network because of the attack surface that they give access to. And, knowing what a devastating impact a successful cyber attack can have, organizations prioritize the deployment of secure remote access solutions to help ensure their very survival. Managed service providers (MSPs) must be able to guarantee a high and sustainable security standard when providing their services, since their clients are relying on them to provide the most secure services possible.

Traditional remote access management tools are no longer suitable for the threats that organizations face or for current cloud or mobility-related uses (such as working from home, being on call, etc.). VPN (virtual private network) tools were created to enable communication between two trusted networks. But since organizations have no control over the network that staff who are working from home or remote intermediaries use to access the system, they cannot consider them trustworthy. Remote control tools don’t offer the traceability or access control needed, and most of the authentication resources available are simple authentication solutions that are ill-adapted to remote access environments.

Systancia Cleanroom Session Service – designed to guarantee the quality and security of administrator actions in the long term

Systancia Cleanroom Session Service is a privileged access management (PAM) solution that allows you to quickly and easily strengthen the administrative access security standard applied to resources by controlling the resource authentication accounts and carefully monitoring all the actions performed.

The solution offers agentless and bounce-free web recording, which allows you to record administrator sessions without any need for additional infrastructure and therefore at far lower operating costs. All you have to do is configure a web resource to be recorded. The service provider doesn’t need to deploy an agent, and the managed security service provider (MSSP) doesn’t need to deploy an additional virtual machine. Behavioral authentication allows you to confirm that the authenticated administrator is indeed the individual managing the information system’s resources.

This AI and machine learning-based feature analyzes user behavior by focusing on how the keyboard and mouse are used. Systancia Cleanroom Session Service also offers authentication secret rotation (which involves modifying administrator credentials behind the scenes in line with selected policies and performing automatic secondary authentication using the same credentials) to protect administrator accounts on the company’s critical IT resources.

Based on a zero-trust platform certified by the French National Cybersecurity Agency (ANSSI), the solution also offers completely secure, native and agentless external access support.

DataStore and Systancia – a partnership that uses the cloud to make PAM available to all companies

DataStore and Systancia have signed a partnership agreement for the distribution of Systancia Cleanroom Session Service. This allows Swiss MSPs to include cyber expertise in their range of services and thus become MSSPs in a few quick clicks by enabling them to bring a new PAM service very quickly and easily to the market that permits them to significantly strengthen their services’ security standard without any need to make time and infrastructure-intensive investments.

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