“The best thing is working in a team with people you like”

DataStore interview with Roland Emmanuel Gabiane

Roland Emmanuel Gabiane has been a technical IT consultant at DataStore since 2018. He values the team spirit he finds in the company. He’s also one of two proud winners from the CNE region in this year’s Dell Tech Heroes Partner of the Year Awards. We wanted to know what else defines him besides a passion for IT.

Why and how did you end up in the IT industry and ultimately at DataStore?

It all began when we bought our first family PC. I remember presenting my mother with a total cost of ownership statement listing all the savings she could make by investing in that computer. I started by learning the basics. Then I helped my friends build their own PCs and fixed other people’s computers. I also tried out all the new tricks I could find in magazines. It went on like this for a few years, and I could no longer deny my interest in IT. So I started a career in IT, first as a salesman in a multinational company, where I learned a lot. Later, I studied on my spare time and passed various exams and certifications to get a technical position at DataStore.

What do you like most about working at DataStore?

I’ve been a technical IT consultant at DataStore since January 2018 and I specialize in data center technologies. Every day, I advise my customers on setting up modern IT infrastructures. It’s based on teamwork, which is very important to me. I also work with my partners to understand our customers’ technical requirements and develop optimal solutions for their needs.

In my opinion, the team and the environment at DataStore are the key to our success. What I like is that all employees can be themselves here. We don’t have to curb our personalities to achieve things. We’re all free to start and lead any new project that might have a positive impact on the organization. Every initiative and every action counts. To me, one of the most important and best aspects of DataStore is that I can work with people I like.

What IT product best describes you as a person?

It would be more of a consumption model rather than a solution. It would be a software-defined architecture, preferably scalable based on teamwork, flexible and future-proof ready to adapt to any new type of workload. There are various solutions in our portfolio that fit this description.

“The only mistake in life is the lesson you don’t learn” – what does this mean to you?

That’s an interesting question. I’m actually one of those people who claim the right to fail. If you’re tough enough, you’ll get back up, learn and get better at it. Fear of failure shouldn’t be a reason not to start something. And if you never fail, you’re probably not challenging yourself hard enough.

Hand on heart, what other important things should we know about you?

I wouldn’t say it matters much, but here’s a personal fact for you anyway: I was once one of the top 10 players in the world in Pacman. Yes, the video game. It lasted a couple of months. I realize that sounds quite nerdy. But to make up for that a bit and show that I don’t spend all my time in front of a screen, I also took two years off to travel the world.

How do you relax and enjoy yourself outside work?

I think I’ve adapted quite well to the Swiss lifestyle. I’m originally from French Guiana. I like to be outdoors, skiing in winter, hiking in the mountains, enjoying the lake when the weather is warmer or spending quality time with people I like.

Any questions? You can contact Roland directly here:

Roland Emmanuel Gabiane
Senior Sales Consultant
E-Mail: roland-emmanuel.gabiane@datastore.ch