Welcome to DataStore’s new 3D world

Stefan Beeler, CEO of DataStore AG, explains the concept and focus of the new DataStore website

DataStore AG has completely redesigned its website. The new online presence showcases the company, its services and its partner network with 3D visualizations.

What was it that motivated DataStore to launch a new website now?

The website is a key pillar in the way we communicate and collaborate with customers and partners. DataStore has experienced rapid and positive growth in recent years; we’ve evolved, acquired new partners and developed new solutions. Firstly, we wanted the website to present all our values and services. Secondly, it has to provide our partners with a platform. We wanted to showcase our innovative strength, so we decided on 3D visualizations.

Why did you choose a 3D world for your website?

We offer our services under the slogan “Next-generation distribution”. The futuristic 3D graphics visualize this slogan and give the website an interactive and lively touch at the same time. They were custom created for us by a Swiss designer. We also find individual solutions for our customers. Combined with videos and a clear structure, they also help users find what they’re looking for quickly and symbolize how we view the IT world – every IT project has multiple dimensions. Unilateral, uniform viewpoints and approaches are alien to us. The new 3D visualizations show exactly who we are, what makes us tick and how we approach challenges.

What are you aiming to achieve with this new website?

The website presents our core competencies: innovation, flexibility, account focus and expertise in solving technical problems. It highlights our values: trust, loyalty and individuality. And it shows that, as a Swiss company, we continuously seek out the latest developments so we can offer our manufacturers and partners the best possible solutions at all times. The website is also an important tool for collaborating with our network.

What else has changed at DataStore?

We’ve expanded our assortment of services for the DataStore “Network of Opportunities”, developed collaborative relationships with our strategic manufacturers and signed contracts with complementary manufacturers. This allows us to steadily expand the range of solutions we offer for our business partners. Responding to the increased complexity brought about by digitalization, we’ve developed our Cyber Defense Framework for our customers to make integrated solutions available in these areas.

What other plans are do you have in the pipeline for the coming months?

We’re continuously working on optimizing our services. Collaborating with us will become even easier and more valuable in the future. Of course, we are also still focusing on current developments so we can promptly offer suitable solutions. The things that remain unchanged, though, are our personal contact, our consistency, our versatility and our enthusiasm for innovation.

What can your partners and manufacturers expect in the future?

We’ve still got a lot up our sleeve. The newly developed DataStore Configurator is available on our website for our business partners to use and we’ll be adding even more features soon. Partners can use it independently to create the configurations they require. Another important element is demand generation. We’ve invested in our marketing skills in this respect to implement individual activities with manufacturers and partners. Last but not least, our DataStore Solution Center will play an important role, because customers can use it to try out and experience solutions in a live environment.

If you have any more questions about DataStore’s new 3D world, please contact:

Cornelia Lehne
Team Leader of Marketing Communications
Email: cornelia.lehne@datastore.ch