Arista Networks – Cloud Network Solutions

Arista Networks has focused on cloud networking solutions specially designed for large data centers and computing environments. Arista provides Ethernet switches that completely redefine scalability, robustness and last but not least the price-performance ratio in this sector. The core of the Arista platform is the Extensible Operating System (EOS), a pioneering piece in terms of software architecture with self-healing capabilities and the ability to perform upgrades while operations are running.

For delay-sensitive applications, Arista brings significant improvements. For HPC applications or environments in financial trading low latency is critical.

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Arista Switzerland & DataStore

Arista was able to establish itself as an expert in the field SDN / SDX in the recent history of the company. Arista knows how to deal with the challenges of the customers and revolutionized the way of thinking in the network-sector through new approaches in Software Defined X. The open technology ensures fast and continuous development of products and a flowing integration into existing environments.

We offer:

  • Certified Pre / Post Sales
  • Alternative solution approaches
  • Architecture and offer consultancy
  • Demo (POC) Equipment

Media and Entertainment

Arista’s new initiative allows media and entertainment companies such as Broadcasting, rendering and streaming companies, to build up a high-performance infrastructure.

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Arista & Splunk

The Splunk extension in version 1.2.1 – including new extensions - has been released.

Arista Switzerland

Discover the full portfolio of Arista on the Arista website.

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Arista Trainings

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