Atos AG is a global ICT company with over 100,000 employees, with 800 in Switzerland alone. In 2015, Atos acquired the tech company Bull. For more than 25 years, Bull has been a successful player in the development and manufacture of mainframes, high-end servers and high-performance computing solutions.
Its current flagship server, bullion, is built with Intel Xeon E7v4 processors and combines opposing features such as performance, flexibility, dependability and cost control into a single solution. The bullion server can be scaled seamlessly from two CPUs and up to 3 TB of memory to as many as 16 CPUs and 24 TB with a single scale-up approach by simply stacking additional two-CPU modules – no blade chassis is required.
Our bullion server has already been deployed successfully on many occasions in the following situations for customers in the telecoms, industry, finance, pharmaceutical and other sectors:  data center consolidation, infrastructure modernization, Big Data in-memory real-time analytics platforms and SAP HANA. One of the world’s largest SAP HANA installations is currently operated for Siemens using the bullion server certified specifically for this purpose. The bullion server is also certified for OracleVM, VMware, RedHat, Suse and Windows Server.

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Atos & DataStore

Atos offers interesting opportunities for the DataStore Partner Community thanks to its bullion server portfolio. Its modularity and reliability opens up possibilities for new approaches in the areas of data center infrastructure, virtualization and high-end and in-memory computing for SME and enterprise customers. The Bull server portfolio is also ideal for Big Data applications (e.g. Splunk, Pivotal, Hadoop, etc.) and is certified for Big Data appliances (such as SAP HANA with EMC storage). We provide our business partners with an easy way to integrate the bullion server line into their portfolios, opening up new business areas for their clients.

We offer:
·         Architecture and proposal consulting
·         Demo options
·         Proof of concept (POC) assistance
·         Assistance with consulting and implementation of Big Data projects with POCs
·         Technical specialists for project implementation
·         Marketing support
·         Trainings and product updates