Nexthink – end-user IT analytics

Nexthink gives you a comprehensive inside look at all IT services from the end user perspective. Its continuous analysis of all endpoint activities and network connections, displayed in real-time visualizations, is truly unique. Nexthink's innovative new overview of IT services shows exactly what the user is experiencing at any given moment. Using Nexthink, issues can now be isolated in a matter of minutes, where it used to take days or even weeks before.

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Nexthink Switzerland & DataStore

Nexthink is an excellent addition to the DataStore solution portfolio, offering brand new possibilities in the field of IT service management and security. Our business partners benefit from our partnership with Nexthink and our comprehensive knowledge in service management, security and governance, which allows us to integrate the product into their portfolios with ease. Nexthink provides our business partners with a new approache they can use to help customers create cross functional benefits.

We offer our partners the following services in conjunction with Nexthink:

·        Experienced consultants with comprehensive knowledge of the solution

·        Pre-sales know-how and technical expertise

·        Product demos

·        Technical specialists for the implementation of proof-of-value installations and Nexthink projects

·        Support with lead generation, Nexthink sales and marketing

nexthink Switzerland

Discover the full portfolio of Nexthink on the Nexthink Website.

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