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An innovative data center can differenciate itself significantly from the standards of the indusrty through a good infrastructure. When it comes to the aspects of physical infrastructure (eg, infrastructure management, cabinets, network, climate, energy), Panduit is the leading partner. Panduit is specialized in adapting to the rapidly changing needs and to optimize the performance potential.

Based on the overall Unified Physical Infrastructure approach (UPI) Panduit develops customer-oriented solutions. This risk can be reduced and the agility enhanced on a long term basis.

Panduit maintains long-term strategic alliances with established industry leaders, including Cisco Systems, EMC, IBM and Rockwell Automation, for the development, optimization and validation of solutions.

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Panduit Switzerland & DataStore

Trends such as "Green IT" and growing data volumes strongly influence the demand of a Datacenter. A well-designed, energy-efficient infrastructure contribute thus significantly to the success of a data center.

We offer:

  • Briefing Center
  • Assessment Services
  • Ready made solutions for reference architectures
  • Assembling projects

Optimize your datacenter infrastructure

The physical infrastructure can have a significant impact on the performance, efficiency and reliability of your data center.

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Optimized infrastructure solutions for data centers

Infrastructure solutions for data centers that optimize performance, efficiency and maximum capacity utilization in order to maximize the ROI.


Panduit Switzerland

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