Pivotal – PaaS and Big Data

Pivotal provides primarily "Platform as a Service ( PaaS )". This way, Pivotal standardizes and connects different tools together and works in a community in order to offer the best individual Cloud Platform – also through the independence of the underlying infrastructure. This gives laaS providers a chance to bring their services to a new level.

In addition, Pivotal is the most famous sponsors of Data Lakes and supports, together with its partners, companies on their way towards making the most of their data – from the development of the data sources to the collection, analysis and intelligent application.

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Pivotal Switzerland & DataStore

The merging of data and applications from different sources is the basis for the optimization of processes and business decisions and thus, forms the base for the development of higher customer satisfaction. Big Data, cloud services and PaaS / IaaS are the building blocks to do so.

We offer:

  • Advice for IoT, Industrial Automation
  • Data Scientists & App Developers Network
  • PaaS / IaaS solutions
  • Interface to complementary technologies

New approaches to cloud-native solutions

Transform your traditional company into a modern software company with the open cloud native platform and agile software development capabilities.

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Pivotal Labs – Be Empowered to Create Change

Enterprises and startups rely on our 20-years-experience in agile development – the work we do alongside our clients as an integrated product design team.


Pivotal Switzerland

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