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Prevention-centric security deployed at the network perimeter provides a single imperfect chance to stop a cyber attack. But what if it doesn't even get that chance? What if an employee's laptop gets infected at a coffee shop? They will walk the infected laptop right past the network perimeter. The truth is, all organizations have infected devices on their networks. Once the cyber attackers gain a foothold, they are free to infiltrate further, while the prevention security is blind.

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Vectra Networks Switzerland & DataStore

With our locally-based team we support in creating, testing and implementing whenever new safety concepts are going to be initialized. Vectra Switzerland can provide in cooperation with DataStore POC equipment for testing in your own enterprise environment.

Our offers:

•Technical & Sales Training

•Consulting and Development of Managed Services

•Architecture and Proposal-consulting

•Demo (POC) Equipment



Machine Learning against Insider Threats

Data loss and loss of data integrity are intensively discussed at the moment. Nevertheless, many companies do not take these threats posed by hackers and Co. seriously.

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