Business Development

Take advantage of the productive environment of our distribution, since we speak about technologies and market development every day. In our company, the needs of customers as well as the needs of the manufacturers converge. Our Business Development Group deals with the development of the manufacturers, checks the content for them and puts a pool of knowledge and information to your disposal.

Partner Development

We consider our partners as a whole and aim at a long-term cooperation. That is why we work with you on current projects but also equally on long-term challenges. Our goal is to accompany you and always be a contact person when it comes to innovation, technology or corporate strategy.

Sales Cycle

It is particularly important, for the continued success in the market, to build a sales pipeline. This includes taking care of existing customers as well as the maintenance of new opportunities in the market. Continuous communication and a good level of knowledge about ones contacts are decisive
success factors. We are ready to help at any time in the construction and in the professional implementation of a sales cycle, in generating leads and appointments with customers and prospects when it comes to identifying new technologies and products or to show them.

Partner program & Certification

Together with our manufacturers and our training center, we develop training programs with our partners. These concentrate, on one hand, on the program status of the manuacturers and on the other hand, on the market changes.The aim is, that our partners are always trained properly, certified, and informed.

We are now also, in some areas, a certified training provider. This will give you first-hand information and this with our own quality standards.

We also offer (customized) customer trainings, so that you, together with your customers, can implement professional IT solutions.