Cloud transition assessment: cloud solutions

Providing a flexible, agile and cost-optimized IT platform is a major priority for every IT officer. More and more companies are choosing cloud solutions and services, and with good reason. But providing this cloud infrastructure often turns out to be extremely difficult.

Where do I start? What costs am I looking at? What savings can I achieve? What overhead does this mean for my organization? What advantages does this transformation offer my company?

Cloud solutions: our DataStore service

DataStore AG has a standardized yet flexible approach that helps you answer all these questions and more. We fully and continuously support your company on the way to a cloud-based future. Not just the IT infrastructure matters when it comes to cloud solutions. We also analyze your applications and offer you technological, strategic, organizational and procedural advice. Why? Because: β€œCloud is not a place; it’s a way of doing IT.”

Your benefits from our cloud transition assessment:

  • A full, independent assessment of cloud solutions and readiness with respect to organization, strategy, infrastructure, software, data, process, mobility and more.
  • You know the risks and opportunities that a cloud transition poses for your company.

We would be very happy to present our service to you in detail in a personal meeting and are available to advise you.

We look forward to hearing from you.