Like any industry, the IT industry also has its peculiarities. In DataStore we have founded a small, internal IT full-service agency. We offer all the services of the marketing mix as a service to our partners.

We, thereby, benefit from the productive environment of distribution, which daily speaks about technologies and market developments. We know the market, since the needs of customers as well as the ones of the manufacturer converges in our company. This creates an exciting pool of knowledge, which we use to communicate with the market.

Our experience in the (B2B) IT market and our expertise due to the individual training of our marketing staff are our USP. We always refer to the latest communication technologies, without losing sight of the traditional media. That way we can create completely-integrated cross-media campaigns.


Technological issues mostly require a "translation" for commercial purpose. Often, the communication about products and solutions is filled with many technical details. We are searching, between the facts, for the arguments that emotionally grip the customers. So we translate "from technology to feelings".

We always make sure that you, as the sender of the message, appear as a competent technology partner. We adapt the texts and the messaging to your individual strengths and place you accordingly to customers and prospects.

Creative idea

Our strength is the creative development of your campaign. Again, it comes to emotionally address the receiver and to surprise him. Many topics in the IT world are accompanied by so-called "Buzzwords", Tags, that are often used differently. When positioning your message, we are doing everything possible to make sure to entice the client, with a good idea, to receive your message.

In the creative implementation of your campaign, we reach back to the competence of three graphic designers in our internal team who master both the artistic criteria as well as bringing the necessary potential to creative ideas

Target audience & Crossmedia Campain

A significant factor for a successful campaign is focusing on a defined target group. The target groups have to be defined and addressed differently depending on the product and solution.

If we take care of campaigns as a whole, we focus on the combination of different media. In the B2B sector, the communication behaviour of the target groups is very different. Depending on the positioning of the campaign, the best tools are assembled, and the verbal and visual elaboration is oriented accordingly.

Our practical expertise ranges from online marketing and social media over traditional print campaigns, direct marketing and telemarketing up to events and forums.