Security Awareness- and Phishing-Trainings

IT security technologies are indisputably important, but as a single measure they are no longer sufficient. Often it is the employee himself who becomes the target of attacks. Vigilance and knowledge is required when dealing with e-mails, even from known senders, and when using the Internet.

Phishing attacks are often the first attack possibility for a hacker. Numerous examples from governments and companies show that nobody is protected against phishing attacks. Gone are the days of clumsy mass mailings. Nowadays these attacks are highly professional with individual user deception. But all these attacks have one thing in common. In the centre is the human being. Everyone decides for themselves whether to click on an e-mail, select a link or open an attachment. It is simply impossible to meet this great challenge with technical solutions alone.

This circumstance demands that all employees of a company without exception are sensitized and trained.

The solution - Datastore AG Security Awareness and Phishing Training for your employees:

  • Carrying out a campaign tailored to your company's needs
  • The behaviour of your employees can be precisely identified and evaluated
  • Each completed campaign includes individual training

Your benefit - More security for your company:

  • Your employees will be trained to recognize the rules of conduct and identification features of different attacks. Each of your employees is trained and better prepared for this challenge.

We would be very happy to present our service to you in detail in a personal meeting and are available for consultation.

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