Solution Center

Do not miss the opportunity to try check the solutions through their paces with your customers. Our Solution Center is directly connected to our training center. Demonstration and training events can therefore be combined directly.

We also have numerous systems that can be used as POCs at the customers'. Upon request, we accompany your POCs with qualified technical staff and help you presenting the desired results.

Network Rack

  • Intelligent Panduit Patch Panels
  • Intelligent Fiberpatch Panels
  • Intelligent RJ45 Panels
  • Intelligent Cable Management (Panduit)
  • NG Firewall (Barracuda)
  • CISCO Network Switches
  • With all communication components

Demo environment

  • VxRail (Dell Technologies)
  • BladeCenter (Cisco)
  • DataDomain 670 (Dell Technologies)
  • AX4-5 Storage System (Dell Technologies)
  • Arista Switches

Productive environment

  • Backup Appliance (Barracuda)
  • Message Archiver (Barracuda)
  • SSL VPN Appliance (Barracuda)
  • Spam & Virus Firewall (Barracuda)
  • VNX 5300 Unified (Dell EMC)
  • 3 ESX Server
  • Eagle i, Power & Environment
  • Management (Panduit)

Mobile Demo Rack

  • DataDomain 630 (Dell Technologies)
  • Unity 300 (Dell Technologies)

Mobile Isilon

  • Isilon (Dell Technologies)