OneSpan protects you from digital fraud. The world’s leading provider of trusted security solutions in multi-factor authentication, transaction data signing, electronic signing of documents, and identify management ensures smooth operations for businesses and authorities all over the globe. OneSpan protects the data and applications in your cloud from unauthorized access. Its effective toolkit for software developers allows them to integrate the company’s security functions into their web-based and mobile applications effortlessly.

All solutions aim to strike the right balance between maximal protection and the optimal user experience. OneSpan has successfully developed an innovative platform with patented security technologies that use the strongest encryption technology and state-of-the-art biometric functions. Its tailor-made solutions meet the different needs of each individual client. When security risks and compliance issues take up less of your working day, you are free to focus on your core business. All the advantages offered by OneSpan are associated with exceptionally attractive operating costs and are popular with a wide range of companies from all backgrounds – finance, healthcare, eCommerce, gaming and even the public sector. Available OneSpan products:

  • Trusted Identity (TID) Platform
  • eSignLive
  • Identity Risk Manager
  • VACMAN Controller
  • RASP Security
  • DIGIPASS für Apps
  • IDENTIKEY Authentication Server (IAS)
  • IDENTIKEY Hardware Appliance

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DataStore and OneSpan have joined forces to offer:

  • Many years of experience in multi-factor authentication
  • A solid profile on the Swiss market
  • Pre-sales support including demo and POC options
  • Active lead generation on behalf of our partners


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