Quantum was founded in the United States in 1980. Since then, its employees have devoted themselves to data and to the question: how can companies address their data security, data management, and data backup needs successfully, efficiently and sustainably? With more than 40 years of industry experience, Quantum manufactures unique and innovative products that go beyond the individual aspects of a data center to provide comprehensive support in running a modern, intelligent, future-proof data center as a whole. The company’s solutions combine technologies such as disk, tape, deduplication, replication and encryption with powerful data management software.

The following solutions and products are available:

  • Backup Appliance – the most efficient backup appliance on the planet
    Quantum DXi® Backup Appliances offer your clients a wide range of features such as deduplication and disaster recovery. Data can be backed up directly in the cloud at any time. The DXi® Backup Appliances can be extended in a capacity-on-demand (COD) model to ensure that you always have the right solution at hand.
  • Tape libraries – performance, reliability and scalability from the industry leader
    Quantum is well known for its tape libraries, a technology that the company exploits to the full. Its Scalar® series allows clients to access a reliable tape system for data security that is trusted across the industry. The Scalar® Active Vault software adds an extra layer of security. It takes the tape media offline so that only the system administrator can access them.
  • File System – StorNext® file system
    Quantum’s StorNext® file systems have won a number of awards. The unique combination of high-speed data system and advanced data management software makes the Quantum StorNext® file system an ideal solution for media and entertainment environments. They have also been used successfully in other data-intensive fields, such as research, surveillance and the industrial IoT.
  • High-performance shared storage – Xcellis® Workflow Storage and Quantum F series
    Quantum is also active in the field of high-performance storage solutions. Its Xcellis® Workflow Storage and RAID Storage systems give clients coordinated, shared access to their business-critical data. The Quantum F series offers clients in the editing and rendering business a fast storage array for processing video content.
  • Enterprise backup and archiving
    There are many reasons to create one or multiple backups of business data. Besides economical and technological aspects, geological criteria play an important role. Quantum’s ultra-secure, encrypted offline -storage solutions meet all those requirements and more.
  • Research and analysis
    Intelligent data storage solutions are essential for companies wishing to carry out research and analysis successfully and efficiently. The relevant data must be available rapidly. Quantum’s multi-tier storage infrastructure fulfills this requirement perfectly.
  • Monitoring and industrial IoT
    The Internet of Things is rapidly becoming more important and pervasive. Relevant solutions have long been a feature in industry, and they are frequently combined with monitoring functions. With the Quantum suite of solutions, your clients can benefit from these functions through a single, software-defined platform.
  • Media and entertainment
    Consumers may only make a single click on their device or push a single button on a TV remote control, but the underlying technology is shockingly complex. StorNext®, Xcellis® and the F series gives clients from the media and entertainment industry access to the new NVMe technology. Data becomes available much faster to cover urgent and collaborative workflows.

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