VMware Carbon Black

Today’s world requires a modern approach to protecting end-user workspaces against cyberthreats. VMware Carbon Black provides a comprehensive threat management solution for end-user devices. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, cyberattacks can be identified and prevented proactively. Threats are detected and eliminated on end devices, in the network, and in the cloud. This allows you to continue working worry-free, while also ensuring that your company is not threatened by unidentified attacks.

Endpoint and workload are two central control points of “intrinsic security”. End device and workload security are ensured by VMware Carbon Black. This platform offers seamless protection against complex cyberattacks – with a single console, one platform, and one agent. VMware Carbon Black combines multiple security functions to optimize operational processes. It can also be integrated with ease into your security solution stack.

The following VMware Carbon Black solutions are available:

  • VMware Carbon Black Endpoint Protection – the industry-leading next-generation antivirus solution (NGAV) and a behavior-based endpoint detection and response solution (EDR).
  • VMware Carbon Black Audit & Remediation – a real-time audit and correction solution that provide security teams with faster, easier access to audits and changes to the system status of endpoints and containers.
  • VMware Carbon Black EDR – a solution for endpoint identification and response for continuous visibility for the security operations center (SOC) and incident response (IR) teams. Enterprise EDR reduces the time required for complex identifications from days to minutes, allows teams to search proactively for cyberthreats, and enables them to respond and make corrections in real time.

Find out more about Dell (OEM of VMware Carbon Black):

DataStore and Dell (OEM of VMware Carbon Black) have joined forces to offer:

  • A combination of innovative cybersecurity solutions and the expertise and support of the DataStore team
  • Close collaboration with Dell/OEM and the VMware Carbon Black partner community
  • Consulting on and development of custom security solutions and implementation scenarios
  • Architecture and proposal consulting


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