Swiss Cybersecurity Technology Start-ups

Start-up Map February 2019

Does Switzerland have the potential to become a leading player for Cybersecurity Technologies? We are impressed how many Cybersecurity start-ups and innovators we have in Switzerland.

On a quarterly basis Datastore publishes a market overview of Swiss Cybersecurity Technology start-ups. Categorization is based on fields of action within Cybersecurity focusing on the following domains:

  • Compliance & Awareness
  • Security Analytics
  • Security Automation
  • Cloud Security
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Endpoint Protection & Mobility
  • Resilience & Data Protection
  • Blockchain

Placement criteria for the Cybersecurity Technology Map

A Cybersecurity start-up was established less than ten years ago, is located in Switzerland, focuses on technology innovation in the fields of Cybersecurity.

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