IT security: DataStore’s cyber defense framework

The growing importance of cloud solutions and remote work is putting IT security on company agendas more than ever

IT security with the right technologies

Using the right technologies is key to designing an efficient cyber defense program. That’s why we help our partners and their customers by providing innovative, practice-based solutions covering all of IT security. We support you in finding security gaps, protecting yourself against malicious activities and recognizing attacks when they’re happening.

We are well aware that a successful cyber defense strategy calls for the right processes and employees, too. If you’re unsure how to limit security risks or if your employees don’t know how to use available security technologies, attackers already have the upper hand.

It’s also a fact that there’s currently a shortage of IT security analysts and that building a security operations center (SOC) takes time and can be very expensive. That’s precisely why we work with partners whose services allow our customers to identify security gaps, react to incidents and remedy damage caused by incidents.

We believe that it’s enormously important to pair a customer with exactly the partner whose services match their specific use case. In order to place a customer in contact with the right partner – regardless of where in the cyber defense framework support is required – we need to understand the expertise and skills of our partners. That’s just what we’re able to do thanks to close collaboration.

DataStore’s IT security vendor portfolio:

Our ultimate goal is to create added value for our customers. We offer our customers in Switzerland innovative security solutions that precisely match their use case. And that’s not all – you also benefit from our experience and the expertise of our partner network. 


DataStore places particular emphasis on innovation – a fact that’s reflected in our cyber defense portfolio. As a Swiss company, we also believe in the innovative power of local businesses, especially Swiss cyber security start-ups. The Swiss Cyber Security Start-up Map, developed by us and in part also managed by us, offers up-and-coming Swiss companies a platform to present their skills and services. It’s also a central information source for business customers who want to purchase their security solutions from a local supplier. Interested companies can find information about the available technologies that meet their particular needs.

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