Dell Technologies RISE Incentive Program

Maximize your profits with the RISE Incentive Program.

The new Dell Technologies RISE Incentive Program offers rewards to new and existing authorized partners for sales of Dell Technologies client and infrastructure products.

The program is divided into different levels based on your sales figures – the higher your sales, the higher your reward!

Enjoy countless rewards and benefits

The RISE Incentive Program includes generous incentives for compelling client (CSG) and infrastructure (ISG) products:

  • You can earn and accelerate your rewards by reaching certain bonus thresholds in the program.
  • If your company buys eligible client and server products, it will benefit from regular promotions and earn more bonuses.
  • Depending on how much is purchased, your company will join one of the groups that each offer a higher progressive bonus. This means that you will move up within your group if your business continues to expand – so it’s always possible to earn even more!
  • Each product has a bonus value that partners can view in the RISE portal. This gives you the opportunity to optimize and independently manage your premium values and, in turn, maximize your profits.

The RISE program – an overview

Don’t miss out: take advantage of our generous benefits! Simply complete the short registration process to jump on board. Don’t put it off any longer – get involved. It’s worth it!

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