Security awareness and phishing training

The large field of IT security, including data protection and cloud security, is becoming more and more important because of increasing numbers of cyberattacks.

IT security technologies are indisputably critical – but they’re far from enough if used as the sole defense. It’s often employees themselves who become the targets of attacks. Vigilance and knowledge are required when handling emails (even from known senders) and using the internet. That’s why we offer our security awareness and phishing training to train you and your employees.

Security awareness: how it works

Phishing attacks are often a hacker’s first choice. Countless examples in governments and businesses have shown that nobody is protected against phishing attacks. The days of crude mass mail is gone. Today, these attacks are highly professional, using personalized methods to deceive users. But all these attacks have one thing in common: people are at their heart. Everyone decides for themselves whether to open an email, click on a link or open an attachment. It’s simply impossible to address this huge challenge with only technical solutions.

That’s why it’s even more important for all of a company’s employees – without exception – to be given appropriate information and trained.

Our security awareness and phishing training

To keep your company vigilant and protected, we offer our DataStore AG security awareness and phishing training for your employees. Our training includes:

  • A campaign tailored to your company.
  • A close look at and assessment of your employees’ behavior.
  • Individual training with every finished campaign.

You benefit by having greater security for your company. How?

  • Your employees are trained.
  • Your employees learn to recognize the behaviors and identifying characteristics of various attackers.
  • All of your employees are trained and better prepared for this challenge.

We would be very happy to present our security awareness and phishing training service to you in detail in a personal meeting and are available to advise you. We look forward to hearing from you.