Datacenter- and Cloud-Solutions: next-generation data centers

Thanks to collaboration with our strong network – our ecosystem – we can address your needs flexibly and build a data center infrastructure for your company that’s tailored to your requirements. If you like, we’ll show you our proposed solutions in a live environment at the DataStore Solution Center.  


Applications are the core of every IT environment. They allow valuable information to be generated for the business. Together with a strong network, DataStore helps customers avoid over- or under-licensing. We also help you optimize license costs, ensure availability and guarantee data security as a whole. 

Business continuity

IT downtime is something no business can afford in today’s 24/7 age. Ensuring constant availability is indispensable. Achieving this requires optimized availability management with, for example, one or more disaster sites. That includes an uninterrupted power supply and the cooling systems to go with it. 


The home office trend and the growing need for portable workplaces has increased demand for suitable client solutions. Our range includes not only PCs and laptops, but high-resolution monitors too.  


Applications need the necessary computing power to meet constantly growing business demands. Our portfolio includes a broad product range of different servers from market leader Dell Technologies for all types of applications.

Data analytics

Analysis and a big-picture view of data from different sources are essential to many companies for making business decisions. Examples include analyzing behavior patterns to improve customer satisfaction with online shops or analyzing data patterns for targeted monitoring of IT systems to detect unwanted interference.

Data protection / backup

In times of ever-increasing sophisticated hacker attacks, a carefully considered data protection plan is becoming more and more important. Legal requirements, too – like a new data protection law – must be complied with and implemented promptly. A complete and transparent data protection plan plays a key role here. Because of the growing use of SaaS applications and data storage in the public cloud, data protection must take center stage.


Linking the development department to operations often challenges the IT department. Individual software can be developed more quickly by using leading development technologies, such as Codebashing, and possible vulnerabilities can be detected right away. An important element of efficient collaboration between the two areas is the introduction of a state-of-the-art platform.   


The requirements for an agile IT infrastructure demand the ability to work flexibly and independently at different locations, such as from home, on the go or at a customer’s premises. A secure and stable network infrastructure is a prerequisite here. That’s why a holistic plan is needed, not only within the data center but also for the internet.

Storage & cloud

Aside from its employees, data is a modern company’s most valuable asset. That’s why secure storage is paramount, regardless of whether it’s in your own data center, a private cloud, a public cloud or a hybrid outsourced to a service provider. For just this reason, we maintain strategic partnerships with international vendors in this area.

Software defined

In software-defined approaches, IT fields like storage, network and servers are virtualized and then made available in a self-service portal. The control of these components is automated. The more parts of a data center that are software-defined, the more control can be centralized. Appropriate service levels are assigned that take this into account.