Managed email encryption

Trustworthy communication with your business partners requires encrypted communication.

An unencrypted email today is like an open letter that can be read by anyone. Email encryption does not have to be complicated.

With the email encryption service, companies can count on reliable and secure email communication. Digitalized business processes can be implemented in compliance with data protection laws and business-relevant information can be exchanged in a secure and straightforward manner.

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Michael Ulrich

Michael Ulrich
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Automated encryption of emails

For secure communication with your business partners by email and when exchanging customer data or contracts, it is important to ensure that the emails reach the recipient without being read or modified. With end-to-end encryption of emails, confidentiality, integrity and availability of data can be guaranteed. Thanks to a special encryption method, secure email communication can also be ensured even if the other party is not using their own encryption solution.

Managed Email Encryption

Your benefits:

  • Email encryption including Microsoft 365
  • Certificate management including PKI component
  • RMS integration for external communication
  • Registered envelope dispatch

Would you like to reduce the risks of your company’s emails for important business processes and actively protect yourself against targeted phishing attacks? Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to show you how you can increase your email security and prevent email threats.