XDR – managed SOC services

Detecting cyberattacks reliably – and reacting quickly

Cyberattacks are increasing in number and complexity, and they not only cause significant financial losses, but also reputational damage. This makes it all the more important to put up effective defenses against such attacks before any damage ensues. But how do we go about effectively protecting critical IT infrastructures against attacks – especially in an era characterized by shortages of skilled workers, overburdened IT teams and limited resources?

Many of the measures proposed focus on rapid detection and an appropriate response to threats. This is referred to as extended detection and response (XDR). Detection involves the permanent monitoring of neuralgic points via behavior analysis based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Anomalies are compared with behavior-based models and this information enriched with other security-relevant data (threat intelligence). Correlating all of these details supports the rapid detection of digital traces (compromise indicators). This also helps initiate a rapid, priority-based response, which in some cases takes place manually, but can increasingly be automated and orchestrated (keyword: SOAR), and integrated into modern MDR/XDR platforms.

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24/7 active protection of the entire IT infrastructure

Managed detection and response (MDR) are comprehensive services provided by a security operations center (SOC). They include 24/7 security processes for monitoring, detecting, investigating and responding to threats across the entire IT environment. Thanks to 24/7 security monitoring, new cyberattacks are proactively identified – regardless of whether they occur via endpoints, networks or the cloud. Uniform detection across the entire environment ensures a complete overview of end-to-end activities carried out by attackers. If potentially dangerous activities are detected, a swift incident response is triggered.

Modular services

A managed SOC service provides support through automated responses and assistance from experts if the customer requires manual intervention. This guarantees an extremely rapid response, even in complex attack scenarios. The modular approach with EDR (endpoint), NDR (network/cloud) or even a holistic XDR solution also offers MSP/MSSP partners the perfect platform on which to set up and operate professional 24/7 security services.

Managed detection and response

Your benefits:

  • Modular use to include all relevant sources
  • Comprehensive overview of attackers’ end-to-end activities
  • Consistent and reliable detection and response across the entire IT environment
  • Swift response to cyber incidents and capable support from teams of experts
  • Rapid and sustainable improvement of security status
  • Significant relief for IT teams, freeing up resources for other areas
  • Increased efficiency and minimized costs

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