Multi-factor authentication

Authentication with a username and single password is in no way an effective example of IT security. Using the same password for different applications is one of the most common vulnerabilities in IT.

Once these passwords have been identified, cybercriminals can infiltrate and completely take over user accounts without much effort. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) protects against cyberattacks of this nature and works by requesting a second factor, for example, a hardware token for a successful login.

MFA offers companies an additional layer of protection to reduce the risk of cyberattacks.

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Secure passwords thanks to flexible modular token management

The managed MFA service is easy to implement and offers the required flexibility for use from a secure remote access location and integration into applications. A wide range of hardware and software tokens is supported.

Software tokens for smartphones and in the form of SMS fulfill most security requirements and are both efficient and cost-effective. Users can manage tokens within a defined framework, in full or in part, using the self-service portal.

Multi Factor Authentification

Your benefits:

  • Hardware and software tokens (push tokens, QR tokens, FIDO U2F tokens, SMS)
  • Self-service portal
  • Radius support and APIs for direct integration in applications
  • HSM Support

Are you convinced that multi-factor authentication and token security are vital to the security of your systems and applications? We’ll be happy to advise you about implementing your MFA security and to show you what a secure environment looks like.