Operational technology security (OT)

Security of the IT infrastructure in the OT area differs greatly from a traditional IT infrastructure. OT security monitors and protects all systems and processes involved in automating your production plants.

This also includes measures to protect sensor systems and combat cyberattacks so that failures affecting machines and industrial control systems can be avoided and sensitive manufacturing processes can be safeguarded.

Failures affecting critical infrastructures in areas such as the control of robots, power generation and aviation can result in enormous financial damage and loss of reputation. 

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Michael Ulrich

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Secure access thanks to OT security

Modern production plants are highly networked and extremely vulnerable to attack. OT cybersecurity is a combination of many different services such as site protection, managed multi-factor authentication, application protection and vulnerability management.

Operational Technology Security (OT)

Your benefits:

  • Secure remote access to production plants
  • Cyber protection
  • Micro-segmentation
  • Detailed communication analysis

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