Secure Code Review

How secure are your software applications?

Software applications have become indispensable components when it comes to the collection, processing, storage and transmission of sensitive data. However, the high value of the data accessed also increases its appeal as a target for cybercriminals. For this reason, it is recommended that applications undergo regular security assessments.

The solution: code review tools. Scalable and modular on-premise and SaaS solutions for code security verification and additional services ensure greater security in software development and applications.

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Greater security with secure code reviews

Depending on your needs, we will support you in integrating the secure code review solutions into your development processes as well as in their application. Alternatively, you can have the full code verification of your software applications performed by experienced security specialists.

By analyzing the code, we are able to find vulnerabilities that would otherwise go entirely unnoticed, or at least be difficult to detect. This significantly increases resilience against attacks. To analyze the code, a hybrid methodology consisting of automated and manual tests is used to evaluate the source code of the software application and to identify vulnerabilities.
Secure code reviews can be supplemented by a penetration test to enable vulnerabilities to be detected across the board and in great detail.

Secure Code Review

Your benefits:

  • Detailed final report of all code review results
  • Comparison of results with international standards for IT and cybersecurity in a strength/weakness profile
  • Recommendations for improvement measures for each vulnerability identified, prioritized by risk
  • Comprehensive summary of security audits or penetration tests carried out

Test your software applications before cybercriminals do it for you! Put your trust in highly qualified cybersecurity analysts and developers with extensive experience and recognized certifications. Get in touch with us. Our experts will be happy to advise you.