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Checkmarx helps to develop the infrastructure necessary for software security and sets new standards for managing current and future cyber risks. More than 1,400 customers around the world rely on Checkmarx to quickly provide secure software. Checkmarx customers include more than 40% of Fortune 100 companies as well as key government agencies.

Checkmarx offers sustainable, automated solutions that simplify and accelerate security tests during software development. SAST, IAST, SCA and Codebashing from Checkmarx can be integrated seamlessly in development workflows. This makes it possible to identify and correct weaknesses in your own or open source programs before the software is published. The Checkmarx Software Security Platform sets new standards for developing secure applications and is a powerful resource with industry-leading features, including:

Checkmarx Static Application Security Testing (CxSAST)

CxSAST is a flexible and precise static analysis solution for companies that can be used to find hundreds of security flaws and vulnerabilities in individual programs. More than 22 programming and script languages and frameworks are supported, with no configuration needed to scan the individual languages.

Checkmarx Software Composition Analysis (CxSCA)

CxSCA is a powerful software composition analysis solution that enables developer and security teams to manage security risks in open-source software and third-party libraries within their codebase. Users can identify and prioritize open-source vulnerabilities, generate an inventory of all open-source components and dependencies in use, and assess the conformity risks associated with open-source licenses.

Checkmarx Interactive Application Security Testing (CxIAST)

CxIAST corrects critical software security flaws by using existing functional tests to automate the identification of potential vulnerabilities in current applications. CxIAST is the industry's first IAST solution that can be used seamlessly with a solution for static application analyses and includes a query language. This makes it possible to identify multiple vulnerabilities and achieve a higher level of precision.

Checkmarx AppSec Awareness Solution (CxCodebashing)

Checkmarx Codebashing promotes a software security culture that allows developers to assume responsibility for software security themselves with confidence. With just-in-time training, developers receive up-to-date information about emerging challenges, while simultaneously being able to continue focusing on their core task: writing secure code quickly.

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DataStore and Checkmarx have joined forces to offer:

  • DataStore views application security as an increasingly important area of security and supports its partners in structuring the customer journey in this key area. Together, DataStore and Checkmarx help their partners ensure that proven security procedures are followed in coding and rollout of applications.
  • Thanks to its partnership with Checkmarx, DataStore is breaking new ground in the area of application security. This step was taken in part because of Checkmarx’s extraordinary track record in this area. In 2020, Checkmarx was named a leader in the “Magic Quadrant for Application Security Testing” by Gartner for the third time in a row, earning the “Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice” for the second year in a row.


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