MDR: Dell Technologies and DataStore offer the ideal solution for comprehensive security operations

Effective security operations are crucial for companies. Dell and DataStore now offer a comprehensive SecOps solution with Managed Detection and Response Pro Plus. Find out how to prevent threats, close security gaps and raise employee awareness.

Patrick von Siebenthal, Channel Services Account Executive, Dell Technologies Switzerland in Netzwoche No. 9/2023

For IT departments, security operations are an ongoing challenge as threats are becoming ever greater. Many companies have already introduced measures to monitor and detect threats to increase their preparedness. However, it is more effective to deal with any potential weaknesses in advance rather than relying on reactive strategies when cybercriminals strike. By taking a proactive approach, IT teams can prevent malicious activity – for example by addressing security vulnerabilities or a lack of employee discipline – before anything happens!

Closing security gaps in a complex IT environment is an enormous task which very few IT departments can handle alone. Dell and DataStore know that customers need support in addressing these challenges, so they developed a comprehensive SecOps solution – Dell Managed Detection and Response Pro Plus.

A fully managed service

Dell Managed Detection and Response Pro Plus is a fully managed service which deploys experienced security professionals and innovative tools to prevent threats, quickly detect and mitigate attacks, and initiate recovery processes in the event of security breaches. This solution helps companies continuously improve their security status and effectively shore up potential weak spots.

A key component of Dell MDR Pro Plus is its vulnerability management. It includes a monthly vulnerability check for the entire company environment. Use of artificial intelligence allows for prioritization of the security vulnerabilities that are most likely to be exploited and which could have a significant impact. Having a prioritized list allows the IT team to focus on the most important security vulnerabilities and perform more efficient patching operations.

Another important element is the pentesting and attack simulation management. Annual penetration tests and monthly automated simulations of security breaches and attacks are carried out to identify any faulty security checks in the IT environment. During these pentests, experienced pentesters mimic methods used by attackers, such as pivoting and adaptation techniques, to reach specific targets like critical systems.

In addition, Dell MDR Pro Plus addresses employees’ IT security awareness. Instead of annual training, which has a limited impact, Dell’s Managed Security Awareness Training offers continuous training throughout the year.

MDR around the clock

A key aspect of Dell MDR Pro Plus is the 24/7 managed threat detection and response. Qualified analysts continuously monitor the company’s IT environment and investigate any threats using an advanced XDR platform for security analysis. They also use ML- and DL-supported telemetry and event analysis to obtain valuable information about attack paths and activities.

Dell and DataStore – concentrated MDR power

Dell and DataStore have established themselves as leading providers in this area and are therefore ideally positioned to offer customers comprehensive security services. Dell Technologies has many years of experience in IT security and has developed a broad portfolio of products and services that meet the diverse needs of organizations today.

As a renowned IT service provider, DataStore has extensive know-how and a strong market presence. The company is characterized by its professional expertise and customer-oriented approach. The close collaboration between Dell and DataStore means that they can offer customized solutions that meet the specific needs and challenges of customers. By combining Dell Managed Detection and Response Pro Plus with DataStore’s comprehensive services, customers receive a fully managed SecOps solution that helps them to manage their security operations efficiently. This partnership allows customers to focus on their core business while benefiting from world-class security technology and expertise.

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