Hey ownCloud, welcome to DataStore!


ownCloud is now a DataStore partner. Welcome! Effective immediately, customers in Switzerland and France can now call on the expert support of DataStore when implementing ownCloud.

No modern company worth its salt can function without cloud storage. Staying fast and effective in a competitive market requires flexibility. Which is why public clouds have enjoyed plenty of success in recent years. But handing your data over to third parties involves a high level of trust. So companies are increasingly setting up their own clouds. Because when it comes to security, nothing beats a private cloud. Companies with high security demands, or in situations where the cloud also needs to fulfill legal and compliance requirements, prefer the private cloud. Recently, many have opted for ownCloud – a very successful open-source alternative to public clouds. This cloud collaboration solution already has more than 600 satisfied corporate customers and is used by around 200 million users worldwide. Why? ownCloud enables greater digital sovereignty, security, and data protection. For DataStore, specialists in data center services with a strong focus on cybersecurity, ownCloud is an excellent addition to an extensive portfolio geared toward secure data storage.

ownCloud: optimal for companies

ownCloud Enterprise not only keeps your data safe and secure, it is also efficiently makes it accessible for productive work and secure exchange. With industry-standard sharing and synchronization capabilities based on a completely open-source architecture, ownCloud combines efficient cooperation with the highest security standards – and it’s also fully auditable. Open standards enable the simple and secure integration of third-party provider solutions on demand. The available integrations range from identity management and virus scanners through the Office suite and workstream collaboration platforms.

«In DataStore, we’re delighted to have found a distributor for the Swiss and French markets who brings a high level of expertise in the data storage and computer security sectors. It was important for us to work with specialists in the field, instead of some generic software distribution company.»

Ingo Schildt, Director Global Software Distribution at ownCloud

Security focus plus additional features

The question of data security, which is always an issue with public clouds, never crops up with ownCloud. It allows companies to enjoy the benefits of the cloud while retaining full control of all their data. And ownCloud also offers a host of features that help optimize the usability of the cloud platform. These include the activities stream, group and rights management, upload chunking, versioning and file locking, as well as impersonation, which allows administrators to log in as users to help out with any technical issues. Users can also add apps from the ownCloud marketplace. On top of that, enterprise users get access to exclusive features such as the full-text search and automated file handling (workflow management). The enterprise version also allows you to modify the design of the cloud interface and add your own branding.

«Together with ownCloud, we can meet our partners’ demands for high security standards, sovereignty, and automation. We’re delighted to be able to offer them a comprehensive and productivity-enhancing file cloud, where employees can work together digitally and securely.»

Jennifer Rüttimann, Business Development Manager at DataStore

ownCloud allows teams to share and edit files seamlessly and irrespective of device or location. The solution fits perfectly into the DataStore partner landscape and can be used by DataStore experts as an integral part of end-to-end solutions for customers.

Interested? For further questions, please contact:

Jenny Rüttimann
Business Development Manager
E-Mail: info@datastore.ch