“Team spirit and technology inspire me every day!”

Dilan Kurt

DataStore AG in an interview with Dilan Kurt

Dilan Kurt joined DataStore as Business Development Manager for Dell Technologies in January 2023. In this interview, she tells us all about the skills in her repertoire and what made her decide to join the DataStore team.

Why and how did you end up in the IT industry and ultimately at DataStore?

The initial spark for my IT career came when I was doing my bachelor’s degree in business administration, during which I mainly focused on digital business. The interaction between technology and business processes really captivated me. Despite the long and instructive time I had spent with my former employer, I wanted to experience new challenges and find somewhere where I could redefine my limits. DataStore seemed the perfect place for me to use and further develop my skills in a dynamic IT environment.

What arguments convinced you to switch to DataStore?

My decision to switch to DataStore was based on several factors. Firstly, not only did I see DataStore as a successful IT company, but also as a springboard into an exciting and new professional chapter. The prospect of building strategic partnerships and working at the forefront of business development was what won me over. Having the opportunity to establish and actively design close networks with partners and vendors as Business Development Manager was also very appealing. Another key factor was the positive reputation of DataStore as a progressive employer. This was backed up by excellent reviews on platforms like Kununu.com, which only increased my confidence in the company at this stage.

What five characteristics would your colleagues use to describe you?

That’s a tricky question but I think that my colleagues would describe me as an open and very communicative person. These character traits, combined with my constant readiness to throw myself into the task at hand, have had a significant influence on my career. Good team spirit is incredibly important for me, so I am clearly also very team-oriented. Creativity when solving problems and a proactive approach are other traits that set me apart. Well, that’s four, so I’ll let you find out the fifth for yourself. 😉

How do you relax and enjoy yourself outside work? After a long day at work, physical activity is my key to relaxation – things like a refreshing run along the picturesque banks of the Limmat, or an energetic match of beach volleyball with friends during summer. Spending time with my friends is very important to me. When we move into the colder months, I like to swap my trainers for skis or head out to enjoy calm waters on a boat. Traveling also has a special place in my heart. The joy of discovering sun-drenched destinations, relaxing on beautiful beaches and listening to the gentle lapping of the waves with a delicious cocktail in my hand is the epitome of relaxation for me. 😀

Any questions? You can contact Dilan here:

Dilan Kurt
Business Development Manager
E-Mail: dilan.kurt@datastore.ch