“My passion for sales is in my DNA”

Interview with Igor Ivljanin

Igor Ivljanin has been Senior Business Development Manager for Dell Technologies and Swisscom at DataStore since January 2023. In this interview, he shares the skills and solutions that he provides and why the platform LinkedIn best describes him as a person.

Why and how did you end up in the IT industry and ultimately at DataStore?

My journey in the IT sector began straight after my MBA in 2001 when I was given the opportunity to join Sybase as their Marketing Manager for Switzerland. The thing that drew me to this company wasn’t just the rapid technological development, but also the unbelievable potential of the approaching digitalization and its transformative power for companies. I was thrilled with the prospect of being at the forefront of developing new solutions, dealing with future-oriented questions and supporting companies on their path to the digital future.

After two inspiring years, I moved to Computer Associates but this time in a more sales-oriented role as Specialized Sales Data Center. Here I was responsible for EMEA sales support, a role that allowed me to develop my skills in sales further. This experience sparked my passion for sales as I loved working closely with customers and partners and being constantly faced with new, exciting challenges.

My move to DataStore was a conscious and enthusiastic step, particularly because I hadn’t had any experience working with a distributor until then. This new perspective, combined with my role as Senior Business Development Manager, was the perfect opportunity for my personal and professional growth. DataStore’s impressive portfolio and their established, long-term partnership with renowned manufacturer Dell were also factors that further reinforced my decision to join the team.

What arguments convinced you to switch to DataStore?

There were many. As an established company with roots in Switzerland, DataStore has an incredibly successful 40-year history in the IT industry. Their outstanding reputation in the Swiss IT sector is indisputable. In addition, their long-term partnership with Dell has given them access to a wide range of fascinating and innovative products. Looking back after almost a year here, I can say that I definitely made the right decision. The corporate culture at DataStore is characterized by optimal synergies between the teams. Not only are my colleagues always willing to help and incredibly motivated, but they also have extensive expertise in all areas. This combination is what really contributed to my positive experience here.

Which IT product best describes you as a person?

I think that LinkedIn best reflects me as an individual. It is in my DNA to forge new acquaintances, expand my professional network and maintain communication with existing customers and partners as a sales employee. At the same time, I always make sure to keep up with all the latest news and trends.

Hand on heart, what other important things should we know about you?

I am a very family-oriented person and love spending every second that I can with my two sons and my family. Sport is also an important part of my life. I have practiced Thai boxing for 35 years now and find that it helps me to stay physically and mentally strong, particularly in difficult situations. I would like to use these experiences to inspire young people, encourage them to never lose sight of their goals and always believe in themselves.

Any questions? You can contact Igor here:

Igor Ivljanin
Senior Business Development Manager
E-Mail: igor.ivljanin@datastore.ch