Object storage, the ideal companion for document management

Dell EMC object storage solutions for next-generation workloads

Martin Pouillaude, Senior Account Executive at Dell Technologies | Unstructured Data Solutions (UDS) in the October 2021 Issue of IT-Markt.

Electronic document management (EDM) has become an important component in company digitalization. EDM requires a modular structure in order to be integrated into a company’s suite of applications so that documents can be captured and processed. But it also needs to be based on a storage solution that best matches its characteristics, namely the storage of objects.

Features of modern data storage

As the volumes of data that companies process continue to grow, so too do the requirements they place on data storage. The following features are required for data storage:

  • High reliability and availability to ensure that documents can be retrieved at any time, from any location and without any delay.
  • Strict adherence to standards of compliance and data integrity to ensure that documents cannot be changed during their life cycle.
  • Maximum flexibility in terms of scalability to manage ever-increasing storage volumes without increasing administrative effort.
  • A solution that enables technological upgrades to be performed without interruption in order to store data for decades.

Object storage solutions from Dell EMC

Dell Technologies is one of the world’s leading providers of storage solutions and offers an object storage solution – Dell EMC™ ECS™ (Elastic Cloud Storage) – which is delivered as an out-of-the-box appliance. It consists of five clustered Dell servers with all software components in the form of docker containers.

In an ECS system, the data is split into fragments, which are replicated to different nodes in order to protect the data in the event of hard drive or node failures. This mechanism guarantees continuity of operations of 11x9 (99.999999999%).

Legally compliant storage

ECS supports the increasingly popular Amazon S3 object protocol for DMS solutions and has recently also started providing support for the S3 Object Lock. This enables legally compliant storage by ensuring the immutability of data through the setting of a retention period specific to the document type. Compliance with GDPR, SEC, CFTC and STIG is therefore guaranteed. ECS also supports file-based access via NFSv3 as well as OpenStack Swift, HDFS and CAS.

Thanks to this multi-protocol support, data collected using one protocol can be accessed using other protocols. ECS is also the ideal platform when it comes to creating large data lakes and supporting modern cloud and analysis initiatives. For example, the new ECS EXF900 model, which is based on NVMe All-Flash SSDs, is ideal for read-intensive applications such as Spark, TensorFlow, Presto and others.

The ECS solution can start out with a usable volume of 40 TB, and thanks to its geo-distributed scale-out architecture, can be extended to several exabytes by simply adding nodes.

Finally, the ECS solution offers a uninterruptible upgrade function that ensures business continuity and protects investments over many years through uninterruptible upgrades from generation to generation.

As a Magic Quadrant Leader for the fifth consecutive year, Dell EMC ECS is the right choice when it comes to providing the type of object storage within your company that can be integrated with your DMS archiving solutions and other modern workloads based on the S3 protocol.

The ideal storage solution with DataStore and Dell EMC

The ability to have quick and simple access to data and the information contained therein is crucial to the competitiveness of modern companies. At the same time, however, the high standards in terms of performance, control, security and compliance must be met without compromise. Companies therefore require individual storage solutions to give them the best possible chance of achieving their business objectives. DataStore and Dell EMC plan and implement these solutions based on their extensive technological expertise and years of experience in the field, meaning that companies requiring support benefit from very well-established and dependable partners.

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