Maximum power for optimal performance in the DataStore Solution Center


PowerStore Version 3.6 from Dell expands on the functions of our Solution Center by introducing native block Metro Volumes with witness features.

With our Solution Center, we are able to offer vendors, partners and their end customers the chance to test out business-critical IT solutions in a secure, low-risk environment and to get to know the storage systems better.

Now native Metro Volumes and witness with Dell EMC PowerStore

The Dell EMC PowerStore product family was developed to meet the primary storage requirements of small, medium and large enterprises. The PowerStore has a container-based architecture. It also uses advanced storage technologies and intelligent automation. Thanks to its data-centric architecture, the PowerStore offers a convincing approach for data services, with numerous benefits including outstanding data reduction without any drop in performance.

Now with Version 3.6, block Metro Volumes can be created without PowerStore metro node. A witness reference is also created with the native integration. The witness reference improves the overall availability of the storage system during system failures and communication errors. It enables an immediate switching if a malfunction occurs. Both solutions are true active-active metro functions that do not sacrifice performance. Using true, synchronous active-active replication over metro distances with multi-site access, companies can rest assured that their data will always be available and accessible and that no time will be needed for recovery processes.

If the data needs to be secured in PowerStore 3.6, this can be done using the direct back-up function which backs up information from the PowerStore administration interface to a PowerProtect DataDomain. This also allows customers to enjoy the advantages of DataDomain, including the highest data reduction, encryption, cyber security, and much more, on the market.

If only an ethernet network is available for the storage traffic, NVMe can now also be configured from the VMware hosts to PowerStore via TCP. This means a significant increase in performance when compared to standard iSCSI connections.

Our vendors, partners and customers can access the new PowerStore 3.6 in our Solution Center for proof of concept (PoC), demos, tests and training. This way, you can clear up all your customer’s questions before starting a project. If you want, we can accompany you during this clarification process and help you to implement projects successfully.

Interested? For further questions, please contact:

Patrick Sommerhalder
Senior Sales Consultant

Advantages of PowerStore 3.6

  • Dynamic AppsON function: Innovative Dynamic AppsON function for the direct execution of VxRail HCI Cluster. VSAN is no longer required and the full life cycle management, including PowerStore, is carried out via the VMware vCenter.
  • Data-in-place upgrades: First generation storage controllers can be replaced by second generation controllers without any interruption in function.
  • Uncompromising efficiency: Constantly available inline data reduction with an average data reduction rate of 4:1.
  • Performance-optimized: End-to-End NVMe design up to seven times faster than previous arrays with response times up to three times better.
  • Any kind of workload: One single architecture for physical, virtual and container-based applications and databases; designed for especially high availability.

Advantages of the PowerStore with Metro

  • Zero RPO and RTO: Metro is an active-active solution, meaning that it actively reflects data across a metro distance. Metro offers a Recovery Point Objective (RPO) of zero, preventing any kind of data loss, while the Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is equal to zero, meaning that recovery time is zero or immediate.
  • Automatic site failover: The virtual witness machine enables prevention of on-site system failure.