Quantum – Secure and maximise data usage

Quantum delivers solutions that combine technologies such as disk, tape, deduplication, replication, and encryption with powerful data management software and, together with partners, develops the right technology mix for each operational and business requirement.

Intelligent functions in the solutions, offer centralized tools to manage backup and archiving systems and provide, with monitoring and remote diagnostics technology, for maximum availability.

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Quantum Switzerland & DataStore

Quantum has been part of the DataStore family for a long time. We therefore do not only have a strong network of experts, we also provide a great experience that has grown over the years. We develop with you the best solution for your customers, from the registration of the requirements through complex issues to the implementation.


We offer:

  • Demo (POC) Equipment
  • Use and business cases
  • Architecture and offer consultancy
  • Training


Deduplication based on StorNext 5  ̶  Accelerated storage workflows for data centers, several locations and cloud-based settings, which are dependent on performance, scalability and efficient processes.

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Quantum Switzerland

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Quantum Trainings

03 November 2020, 09:00 - 10:30 Quantum Virtual Lunch & Learn