DataStore Expands Partnership with Silverfort to Deliver Unified Identity Protection to the Swiss Market

Partnership Silverfort and DataStore

Detecting and preventing identity-based attacks

DataStore and Silverfort, provider of the first Unified Identity Protection Platform, have joined forces. The aim of the collaboration is to help customers standardize risk analysis of authentication and access attempts in on-premises and multi-cloud environments while detecting and preventing identity-based attacks.

Traditional perimeter protection is no longer adequate to cope with the current threat landscape. Modern perimeter-free networks feature numerous active users, devices and systems that communicate with each other via dynamic on-premises and cloud environments. At the same time, identity-based attacks are quickly becoming one of the most potent threats facing Swiss companies, which is why security solutions that help safeguard digital identities need to be implemented. DataStore, together with Silverfort, is now offering such a solution to its customers.

“We’re thrilled about our collaboration with Silverfort. The Unified Identity Protection Platform from Silverfort consolidates the security controls in company networks and cloud environments to stave off identity-based attacks,” explains Stefan Beeler, CEO of DataStore AG. “This allows us to cooperate closely with our partner network to significantly improve the protection of our customers and thus play a major role in increasing their resilience.”

Comprehensive Identity Security

By activating multi-factor authentication (MFA), identity threat detection and response (ITDR) and zero-trust policies, common customers are now able to implement identity security for all sensitive company and cloud resources. This applies to systems that could not have been protected up until now without the need for agents, proxies or code changes. Silverfort offers a unified security level across all IAM solutions, including legacy and cloud solutions, and extends visibility and protection to all assets. This partnership allows DataStore customers to monitor all user and machine access to all resources, analyze risks and implement policies in real time.

Unbeatable benefits

The new partnership with Silverfort offers common customers the following benefits:

  • Proactive prevention of lateral movement attacks and ransomware distribution.
  • Continuous transparency across all networks, cloud and on-premises access in real time.
  • Extension of MFA and zero-trust policies to all assets, including legacy apps, IT infrastructure, command line tools and more.
  • Ultra-accurate AI-based risk analysis based on the complete context of user access activities.

“The challenge of identity security is one of the main issues facing companies today, with the result that many organizations are implementing a zero-trust architecture with an identity-centric security approach,” says Haiko Wolberink, VP of Sales EMEA at Silverfort. “We're delighted to be collaborating with DataStore as we seek to help companies across all industries improve their identity-based security.”

About Silverfort

Silverfort is the leader in Identity Threat Protection, enabling secure authentication and access in a unified manner across all corporate resources, both on-premises and in the cloud, to detect and stop identity-based attacks including account takeover and ransomware propagation. Using patented technology, Silverfort enforces its protection as a layer on top of the customer’s existing IAM infrastructure, without requiring modifications to endpoints, servers or applications – a capability which is unmatched in the market. Silverfort is trusted by hundreds of enterprise customers around the world, including Fortune 100 companies. It has been named a Gartner ‘Cool Vendor’ and received dozens of other industry awards.

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