Dell EMEA names DataStore AG as the “Distributor of the Year 2021” for Switzerland

Dell Distributor Award 2021

Next-generation distributor DataStore wins prestigious award

Dell Technologies has appointed DataStore AG as the “Distributor of the Year 2021” for Switzerland, thus expressing its appreciation for DataStore’s innovative strength and comprehensive solution competence.

“A partnership on equal footing, close cooperation and most importantly, satisfied customers – all of these aspects are the basis for the joint success of our companies as well as the reason why we were named as the “Distributor of the Year” – we are extremely happy about this award,” says Stefan Beeler, CEO of DataStore AG.

By presenting this award annually, Dell pays tribute to its best partners and highlights their achievements. Despite the challenging marked conditions posed by the pandemic situation, DataStore was nevertheless able to exceed expectations with its strong performance.

"Receiving this prestigious award encourages us to consistently develop our strategy and align our services even better with the demands of partners and customers," Beeler explains.

Live award show

For the second time in a row, the awards show was held as a virtual, cross-national live event. Partners from the Central and Northern Europe region were honored. Therefore, the award show was broadcast in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and Austria. With this award, Dell is highlighting the importance of the channel in Switzerland and emphasizes how relevant it is to work with successful partners like DataStore.

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Cornelia Lehne
Team Leader of Marketing Communications