The DataStore website goes 3D

DataStore has completely redesigned its website, using 3D visualizations to showcase its innovative strength as well as its multidimensional approach to complex IT challenges.

Spreitenbach, June 24, 2021

“Our company has experienced very positive growth in recent years. We’ve built on cooperative relationships with our strategic manufacturers, brought complementary manufacturers on board and developed holistic solutions, such as the DataStore Cyber Defense Framework. Our website aims to reflect all of this and serve both us and our partners as a representation and cooperation platform. And since we basically offer our customers individual solutions, our website needed an individual touch too. 3D visualizations showcase our innovative strength and, at the same time, serve as reference points for our users”

Stefan Beeler, CEO bei DataStore

Core competencies, values and a wide range of services

The new website outlines the company’s core competencies – innovation, flexibility, account focus and expertise in solving technical problems – and highlights its values: trust, loyalty and individuality. The website focuses on DataStore’s wide range of services and our partners’ positions. A clear structure, videos and valuable information make the website easier to use and encourage collaboration.

Further plans: expanding the network and the range of solutions on offer DataStore will soon add more features to the Configurator that’s already installed on the website and that partners can use independently to create the configurations they require. The Solution Center, where DataStore customers can test solutions in a live environment, will play another important role. The Cyber Security Framework and Datacenter Framework are being continuously expanded too. DataStore will also present new solutions in the demand generation field in the near future.

Please contact us if you have any further questions:

Cornelia Lehne
Team Leader of Marketing Communications