BigID Inc.

BigID is a leader in data security, privacy, compliance, and governance: enabling organizations to proactively discover, manage, protect, and get more value from their data in a single platform for data visibility and control. Customers use BigID to reduce their data risk, automate security and privacy controls, achieve compliance, and understand their data across their entire data landscape: including multicloud, hybrid cloud, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and on-prem data sources.

It’s all about the Data!

Data is what drives business forward. Data is a critical factor for all companies, not only to keep pace, but also to continue innovating. Every type of organization – from retail to financial services to manufacturing and technology – is now a digital company driven by data. For this reason, BigID has developed a data intelligence platform to allow companies to identify all their company data and take effective data protection measures.

Know Your Data

Clients of BigID use the platform to proactively identify, manage, and protect their regulated, sensitive, and personal data across their entire data landscape while extracting added value. BigID helps to identify confidential and critical data everywhere using transformational data recognition methods and combined next-generation ML cataloging, classification, cluster analysis, and correlation tools across all data types.

Open Extensible Data Visibility & Control Platform


  • Conventional data discovery usually sees only one data type, and targeted data identification can only find data it’s already aware of
  • BigID’s Discovery-in-Depth ensures transparency across all business data, structured or unstructured, no matter where it is stored
  • Compliance requirements are global and mandatory. BigID promotes compliance with data protection regulations and supports all current data protection and privacy acts
  • BigID is integrated into your ecosystem via native integration with DLP, DRM, PIM, IAM, data analysis, governance, encryption, and more.

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DataStore and BigID have joined forces to offer:

  • A combination of innovative data-centric solutions and the expertise of the DataStore team
  • Close collaboration with BigID and the Swiss partner community
  • Consultancy and development of data storage and protection concepts and designs
  • Architecture and proposal consulting, as well as training and professional services


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