Organizations regularly invest in AV, EDR and XDR security solutions to mitigate ransomware attacks, but these measures have been proven to be less than 100% effective in practice. While perimeter and endpoint solutions can identify and block ransomware at endpoints, they can only identify known variants or patterns and so are useless when trying to combat zero-day variants or ransomware that enters organizations from somewhere other than an endpoint. Despite significant investments being made in these traditional safety measures, cybercriminals continue to infiltrate organizations and successfully start ransomware attacks.


BullWall takes security to a whole new level. It offers a fully automated containment solution for ransomware attacks even after they have bypassed all other security measures. BullWall concentrates on monitoring data that cybercriminals target rather than the typical patterns and behavior of ransomware. This unique approach means that it is possible to identify and isolate abnormal encryptions in seconds regardless of the access point or methods that the cybercriminals have used.

BullWall can identify illegitimate encryptions and react immediately when one begins. It is the only solution that concentrates on the file level to minimize ransomware outbreaks rather than detecting and preventing all malware.


BullWall does not rely on outdated detection methods like ransomware signatures, variants, patterns or behaviors. Instead, BullWall quickly identifies the malicious actions of ransomware: file encryptions. And it does so without adding to the network load by monitoring activities on file shares, application servers and database servers.

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How much could a ransomware attack cost your company? Find out with our downtime calculator. The downtime cost calculator takes into account factors like lost sales, productivity losses and equipment costs.

The Ransomware Report 2023 presents the findings of a survey carried out on 435 cybersecurity experts and provides some insights into how organizations prepare for and tackle ransomware attacks.


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