Security made in Switzerland

Only you hold the key to your data. You retain complete control across the company and in the cloud. As a cloud access security broker, that is Centraya’s approach to protecting your data in the cloud and in databases. It achieves this by encrypting sensitive data before it is stored in the cloud and providing general data protection in commercial and own cloud applications at the field and file level. It allows companies to take full advantage of cloud computing for CRM, HR and service management purposes, for instance, while retaining full control of their data. You are protected from liability risks and fines (GDPR), while your intellectual property, such as patents, and your valuable business data are safe from cyber criminals. The solution also simplifies audits, with encrypted and unencrypted data assessed differently.

Your administrator benefits from a simple set-up, as Centraya is a part of the company infrastructure. The multi-cloud protection function covers a large number of cloud applications and offers easily configurable security profiles for each. The transparent gateway technology does not impact cloud function for users, and performance remains high. Additional security solutions, such as data loss prevention and data classification systems, may be integrated optionally.

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DataStore and Centraya have joined forces to offer:

  • Proactive sales and pre-sales support
  • Support with demos and POC
  • Concept creation and implementation of marketing campaigns
  • Swiss-made security
  • Extensive experience in data protection and cloud security


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