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Companies regularly have to deal with major vulnerabilities in modern security concepts. A confusing mix of different products and a variety of manual processes lead to tedious workflows that take up a vast amount of money and resources – an added burden for already overwhelmed IT security teams. This chaotic environment also increases the risk of cyberattacks. Cynet offers a fresh approach that significantly simplifies the protection of any company, providing relief to security teams long term.

Cynet makes comprehensive cybersecurity easy

Cynet’s XDR platform is designed specifically for lean IT security teams. It is natively automated, ready for immediate use, and extremely user-friendly. Free support is available in the form of a 24/7 MDR service and the platform is offered at an optimum TCO. This guarantees comprehensive and efficient protection for every company, regardless of its resources, team size, or skill set.
Cynet’s vision: Security teams can put their cybersecurity on autopilot and focus their limited resources on managing security rather than operating it. This can be done by ensuring complete transparency of endpoints, users, networks, SaaS, and cloud applications, as well as extensive automated response capabilities.

Key Benefits of the Cynet 360 AutoXDR™ Platform

End-to-end protection: with a natively unified platform for detection, prevention, correlation, investigation and response across endpoints, users, networks, SaaS and cloud applications.
Native response automation: reduces manual work to a minimum, freeing your time to manage security rather than operating it.
Complete visibility: for accurate and thorough threat protection across your environment.
Maximize ROI: with the most effective TCO and by reducing resource requirements.
24/7 protection: Cynet's proactive MDR team continuously monitors your environment, providing expert assistance and guidance.

Cynet 360 AutoXDR™

Unified cybersecurity platform for lean IT security teams

  • Protector™: Prevention, Detection, IT & Security Operations. Prevents and detects threats using the combined capabilities of NGAV, EDR, NDR, UBA, Deception and more.
  • Responder™: Automated Investigation and Response. Automates all required investigation and response actions across the environment.
  • Correlator™: Log Management and Event Correlation. Collects and correlates alert and activity data into actionable incidents, providing 'SIEM-like' capabilities.
  • CyOps™ 24/7 MDR: Continuous Monitoring and Response. A world-class managed detection and response team making sure you are safe and secured.

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DataStore and Cynet have joined forces to offer:

  • Solution training
  • Architecture and proposal consulting
  • Provisioning of a demo solution in the cloud or within your own company environment
  • Short-term provision of solution if a security incident occurs and support to ensure quick resumption of business operations


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